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Clothing for White Week: the tips to choose it

capi e accessori presenti nel catalogo di Gensami propone capi e accessori indicati per proteggersi, con stile, dal freddo pungente della montagna.

Lots of mountain enthusiasts and winter sports every year are cutting out a moment to devote to White week, an appointment that has become increasingly widespread and almost fashionable among Italian families. Usually family members and friends are organized to spend a mountain holiday period of about seven days, in which we normally dedicate ourselves to several winter sports all closely linked to the presence of the snow.

The most practiced and usually more appreciated disciplines during the living room are alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, snowboard, ski mountaineering, sled and skating. In addition, many love to try their hand at hiking and softer walks.
Obviously a Clothing for white week of high quality and with a peculiar style is essential to better enjoy these moments, which are often shared together with the whole Family, including the baby That, perhaps most of all, loves to enjoy the fairy -tied environment.

Many garments and accessories gensami are particularly suitable to protect from the pungent cold of the mountain and to spend joyful and satisfying moments together with the dearest affections.

Cardigan Crochet Cashmere Alpaca Silk Cashmere

White week 2022: garments and accessories for children and babies

The little ones certainly need some more care as regards theClothing for white week. One of the most functional accessories to keep the area of ​​the neck and throat in the heat is it Baby warmers. Gensami proposes it Two -tone reversible warming in Cashmere Baby Alpaca Double Fa, composed of fine fibers. Very soft, exceptionally hot and extremely comfortable thanks to the absence of Lanolina that could create annoying irritations and unpleasant pinches.

Two -tone reversible warming in Cashmere Baby Alpaca

Even the Children's scarves They are equally important to repair the little ones from the freezing winds of the mountain. Our Unisex embroidered wings scarf It could be the right choice. It is an accessory made with a precious intertwining of fine spinning yarns of baby alpaca, silk and cashmere, embellished with splendid embroidery that depict the sun and the star, to recall the Dante lyrics of the paradise of La Divina Comedia. Breathable and hypoallergenic.

Unisex embroidered wings scarf

Always remaining on the area of ​​the face and ears, which is very delicate and if not adequately protected can lead to sinusitis and influences, a baby cap Or for children it is essential. Our catalog proposes different, starting from two -tone hat with a basket point, which on the cap ends with a launched coast edge. Made with precious materials such as cashmere, baby alpaca and silk, it is warm, soft and enveloping. Its warm colors are surrounded by the yellow line, a graphic symbol and identification symbol of the whole gensami line.

Two -tone hat with a basket point

Even more original and cheerful is the Unisex hat with inlay ears, which will make all the aspiring Alpachini happy. Knitted in baby alpaca, cashmere and silk is breathable and hypoallergic with antibacterial properties. Always remaining in the caps, finally we point out the graceful sun and star hat, perfect to combine with embroidered wings scarf.

Unisex hat with inlay ears 


Very useful both for when you carry the baby in a stroller and when the latter lies in its cradle, the newborn covers I'm another must have of those who go to the white week. There Cover in Losanghe Punto Canestro and coasts It is particularly suitable for protecting the baby from the cold. The natural fibers of which it is composed, that is, cashmere, baby alpaca and silk, give particular thermo -insulating qualities, an incredible protection from the cold and an extraordinary lightness.

Cover in Losanghe Punto Canestro and coasts

Clothing for White Week: the tips for him and for her

Not only the little ones of course, even the older ones need the right clothing to live the White week In total comfort and with a touch of particular elegance. Between Woman sweaters The distinguishing is distinguished Miacanto crew in Losanghe Punto Canestro, 100% made in Italy and worked in noble fibers, or hot yarn of baby alpaca, cashmere velvety and lucid silk. Our sweater par excellence is highly recognizable thanks to the use of an unprecedented mix of points that work asymmetrically for a dynamic style that does not give up harmony and refinement. In particular, the three different types of processing give an unprecedented 3D effect that pays homage to Italian Renaissance sculpture.


MYCANTANO CHRIST in Losanghe Punto Canestro Greige White Detail      

The protection of the neck is of fundamental importance also for the woman. Among the precious Women's scarves of gers certainly prominent are the Paradise scarf with jacquard star and the Oversize unisex scarf with white fringes. The first is a scarf with a jacquard motif, Dante's inspiration, characterized by a precious composition and cutting -edge materials such as baby alpaca, silk and cashmere. Embellished with the yellow line that characterizes the brand, it stands out for its shine and harmony of natural shades.

Paradise scarf with white jacquard star

The second, however, is a soft scarf, characterized by a rich plot and by an accurate and refined processing, enriched with long fringes on the sides that embellish and perfect the model by giving a touch of traditional refinement.

For him, on the other hand, more active and accustomed to try their hand at excursions in the snow and winter sports, Gensami first proposes a line ofmen's sweaters. One of these is theMiacanto point canestro and gray ribs. It is an enveloping crepe crew in noble fibers, such as cashmere, baby alpaca and silk. The two knitted processes embellish everything, together with the interweaving motif with 3D effect in the upper part in contrast with the shaved shirt at the bottom.

Unisex hat to best protect yourself during the cold season

Finally, here are i man caps, and in particular ours Gray basket unisex cap, worked on a basket on the cap, and then end with the coast imposed on the coast. This cap is ideal for keeping the ears in the heat and the head well covered and can make "match" with women's caps for a truly unparalleled family look.



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