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Payments and rendered for deliveries with destination Italy (Europe) are invoiced in euros (EUR).

Payments are available through:

  • Payment by credit or debit card
  • Payments via PayPal
  • Payment by bank transfer

Payment by credit or debit card

In the purchase process it is possible to select the "payment methods" and among these you can choose the "paper" mode.

Any commissions and costs of the banking service could be charged to the customer. If transaction expenses are attributed by their bank, the latter will not be reimbursed by gensami

We accept these credit or debit cards:

New process of authentication for payments by credit card

Since the beginning of 2021, new bank accounts have entered into force as part of the European Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

These new measures have been introduced to make online payments even safer.

The PSD2 directive protects your credit card data through a process called 2 factors authentication, which requires to verify your identity to prove that you are, and not someone else, to use the card. Thanks to the greater security introduced by the PSD2 legislation, if someone took possession of your phone, your computer or credit card, it would not be able to make an online payment. For more information, we invite you to read the PSD2 directive

Starting from January 2021, banks are required to request 2 factors for online payments for a certain value. If you have problems during credit card payments, we recommend that you check with your bank if your card is already registered for 2 factors authentication. Otherwise, your bank will provide you with instructions to register.

Contact your bank for more information.

Payment with Visa or Mastercard

The system controls if the card uses 3-D-according to Visa or Mastercard Securecode security programs. These are safety proceedings processed exclusively for this type of credit card to verify that they actually are the legitimate owner of the credit card and the legitimate online seller to carry out the transaction. If a credit card holder is enrolled in the 3-D-secure security program, after entering the order data, another question window connected to the customer bank will open which will require to enter the "secure queues "(A password chosen by you). Only by inserting the exact password, the transaction will be performed.

If the credit card is not recorded for any of these safety procedures, the payment will be made without a new authentication. You can find more information on credit card security cards on:

Verified by Visa or Mastercard Securecode

Payment with American Express

The system verifies whether the delivery address provided with the order is identical to the invoicing address recorded by American Express (AVS: AMEX Address Verification System). If the address does not correspond, the customer will be notified by e-mail and invited to provide American Express with the address chosen for delivery. The delivery of the Order takes place only after the authentication has taken place.

For all payments made by credit card, the following regulation is worth: Reseal credit will always be reimbursed on the credit card used for the purchase.

Payments via PayPal

In the purchase process, just select "Paypal" among the "payment methods" to be automatically transferred to the Paypal page. If you are already PayPal customers, simply access with your data and confirm the payment. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can open one and confirm the payment.
In case of return of the goods, the amount will be credited to the account used for payment.

Payments by bank transfer

In the "Payment mode" section at checkout, select "Bank transfer" and finalizes the order

The bank details and the order number will be sent via the automatic confirmation e-mail.

Once the confirmation is received, transfer the amount to the following account within 48 hours. In order to process the payment, it is essential to insert the order number in the reason.

Bank account

Children: Mirages srl

Bank: Unicredit Spa, Piazza Gae Aulenti, 3 Milan

IBAN: IT59V0200809448000106025879

Swift-Bic: Uncritm1mga

Any banking and transfer costs will be borne by the customer.

The order will be sent immediately after receiving the accreditation on our bank account.

The amount of the return will be reimbursed with payment on the bank account with which the order was made.

Payment via Gift Card

• Once the items are placed in the cart, you can use your gift card or your credit.

• On the Gift Card or in the Gift Card email there is a multi -digit code.

• Enter the code in the "Gift Card / Credit / Promotional Code" field on the checkout page.

• In the "active promotions" field you can check your code and view the final amount after entering the code itself.

• Now you can proceed with the checkout. On the last page you have the opportunity to view a summary of the order and the final amount before confirming the purchase.

If the total value of the order exceeds the balance of your credit, gift card or promotion, select the payment method with which you want to cover the difference.

If the balance of your gift card or your credit exceeds the total value of the order, you can use the same code to make your next purchase.

The remaining amount will be available until the balance of your credit is completely exhausted.

Gensami reserves the right to block the gift cards or to keep the credit in the event of improper use.