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Craft knitting: Passion and Made in Italy

La maglieria artigianale made in Italy è un tesoro da proteggere: abbigliamento di qualità, filati unici e valorizzazione del territorio.

ThereMade in Italy artisan knitwear It is a trial treasure to be protected. Today, in fact, most of the garments and accessories that are on the market are produced abroad, in the absence of real clarity on the production processes and are almost totally composed of synthetic yarns. On the contrary, gensami is positioned diametrically on the other hand, with100% Made in Italy creations, characterized by refined raw materials and innovative processing processes that translate into a unique and highly recognizable yarn, which allows you to maintain the valuable characteristics of each garment unaltered.

The Made in Italy artisan knitwear is a treasure to be protected: quality clothing, unique yarns and enhancement of the territory.

Craft knitting: the value of Made in Italy

The reasons that led the vast majority of companies to move entirely or almost the production abroad (especially in the East) and to use almost exclusively synthetic yarns, are to be found first in the minor costs. Compared to Italian crafts and more valuable yarns such as wool, cashmere and silk, this modus operandi allows you to produce in a massive and at low costs. The result of all this is that companies are able to enter the market on the market and decidedly low cost accessories and accessories, with consequent dizzying numbers in terms of sales.

But at what price? In terms of environmental impact, certainly very high. The two materials most used by Fast-Fashion are polyester and cotton. The first derives from oil and is the main responsible for the microplastics present in our seas, while the second poses important problems with reference to its production and processing, since it implies the use of large quantities of water and pesticides. In addition, the intensive cultivation of cotton is very much burned on the water basins of developing countries, with large risks of perennial drought and deforestations.

There artisanal knitwear, Founded on a sustainable and conscious production, it operates completely differently. Gensami is a brand of Online sale of artisanal knitwear 100% Made in Italy: on the one hand the great quality inherent in skill and artisan tradition is guaranteed, with its universally recognized skills, on the other this choice is also of an ethical type, since the economic and social benefits that They achieve are redistributed in the territories where the production processes are placed in place.

The beating heart of the Gensami project are children not only because they represent the symbol of the family union, also and above all in the enlarged sense, but also because they are the icon and the foundation of our future.

The importance of returning to the ecosystem what we receive is of fundamental importance for the new generations, because only in this way can they continue to enjoy the fruits of nature. For this reason our brand has decided to produce only in small lots, to minimize the environmental impact. In addition, we only use natural fibers that come from farms with proven standards regarding the protection of animal welfare. In addition, gensami does not in any way resort to the use of chemicals.

Online sale of artisanal knitwear

The creations of gensami are dedicated to all women belonging to the Gens, that is, the enlarged family tightened around the birth of the baby. Moms, aunts, grandmothers, sisters, best friends: these are the recipients of theMade in Italy women's clothing made by our brand. It was born thanks to wisdom and artisan techniques transmitted from generation to generation, and is based on the philosophy of the "matching"Translating into garments, sweaters and accessories that combine with each other in order to create a real union among all family members including our animal friends.

An example is the white paradise cardigan, with "V" neckline. Designed for all ages and for various occasions of use, it is a very well -kept garment in detail, which is perfectly combined with other accessories from the Paradiso collection, inspired by the ancient lyrics of Dante. On the left sleeve there is the motif of the jacquard star.
Practical and versatile, it is a perfect travel companion, to be worn with pants or jeans for a more classic look and with sheath dress, pants or leather miniskirts for a more delicious look. On the left cuff is also present the inevitable yellow line, a symbol of gensami, which represents the sun's radius or the role that the baby plays in our lives and which outlines a circle of light around it.

White paradise cardigan

Also of the same collection is also part of the Miacanto crew in Losanghe Punto Canestro Greige Rosa Cameo, luxurious two -tone crushes made in Italy knitted in noble fibers or fiber of baby alpaca, velvety cashmere and lucid silk. It has a highly recognizable style: thanks to the use of an unprecedented mix of points that work asymmetrically, for a dynamic style that does not give up harmony and refinement.

Miacanto crew in Losanghe Punto Canestro Greige Rosa Cameo

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