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Discovering sustainable fashion

Moda sostenibile rispettosa dell'ambiente

Sustainable fashion: the new frontier of ethical luxury

There sustainable fashion Respect the environment and society in all its processes and aspects: from ideation to production, from distribution to sale. It is aimed at using less polluting raw materials, reducing waste in production - such as water and electricity costs - and producing durable components that stimulate conscious consumption. Ideally, a production is proposed more oriented to the enhancement of the human aspects of the work aimed at canceling any form of exploitation and with more equilial forms of compensation.

Thanks to the new technologies and new production processes that allow the creation of less polluting materials, of greater value and more durable, the production process is made more efficient and the use of poorly qualitative raw materials is reduced. Consequently, not only decrease the costs, but the environmental impact is also reduced.

The advantages of sustainable fashion

The advantages of a eco -sustainable clothing They are different:

  • Less environmental impact. The environment is the basis of the Wellness of the world population: If our planet overheats, if its air becomes more and more polluted and its contaminated waters, the life of many populations is compromised. In some areas of the planet, where the production of clothing is not regulated by specific environmental protection rules (or where these rules are more easily inflicting), the health of many people has already been strongly damaged.
  • Improvement of workers' conditions. All workers who participate in the life cycle of a fashion product are included in this context. Very often the production of major brands takes place in countries where minimum wages or acceptable working conditions are not guaranteed. Exploitation and abuse in contexts of this type are on the agenda.
  • Pushed to technological innovation. Choosing sustainable fashion can also lead to the birth, growth and development of new technologies. These are used more for the production of new eco -sustainable tissues.
Eco -sustainable clothing small lots

Not to be overlooked is a last aspect equally fundamental. L'eco -sustainability applied to fashion contributes to the re-evaluation of the production traditions of the various countries. This leads to a greater awareness linked to the arts, that is to the ancient techniques of production and craftsmanship and the resources that each country can offer its population as opposed to the global trends of aesthetic canons and highly standardized garments.

Sustainable fashion Italy: the proposal of gensami

In the set of values ​​that Gens embodies, the sustainability It has a role of fundamental importance. And connects to sense of responsibility, another essential element that guides the brand's company setting. The two values ​​intertwine by tending towards a single goal: to make our children inherit a better world and planet.

eco -sustainability to safeguard the future of children

 The sense of responsibility first translates into sustainability, both in its purely ecological dimension and in that linked to individual and collective well -being. In this sense, it is natural to rely on Made in Italy. The artisan skill guarantees the best from the point of view of the quality of the product, but it is not its only peculiarity. In fact, focusing on the local product also means redistributing the economic and social benefits in the territories where the production processes are implemented.

In this sense, all Fast-Fashion programs they are rejected. The latter, by their nature, in fact feed a mentality contrary to all the values ​​in which Gensami believes.

Returning to the ecosystem what we receive, so that all the children in the world, who represent the beating heart of the brand, can continue to enjoy the fruits of nature and the ecosystem, is absolutely fundamental.

Gensami produces Only to small lots, to minimize the environmental impact. And he uses only natural fibers that come from farms with proven standards regarding the protection of animal welfare. In addition, the technology used allows you to give up the use of chemicals.

All this translates into fine knitwear products made with an innovative unique yarn composed of fibers of baby alpaca, cashmere and silk in full respect of the environment, nature, animals and aimed at the growing enhancement of a truly sustainable Made in Italy.

Baby Alpaca Wellness Protection

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