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Access and navigation on this website "Site" imply the acceptance of the forecasts indicated in these terms of use of the Site (hereinafter, "Terms of use of the Site" or, more briefly, "Terms of use ") By the user (" User "). Travelers who do not intend to accept the content of the terms of use should stop access and navigation on the site.
The terms of use are an integral part of the legal notes of the site.
Mirages S.r.l. reserves the right to modify, in whole or in part, the terms of use. The user who does not accept these changes should consider whether to continue navigation or not; In fact, the use of the site after the publication of the aforementioned changes represents acceptance of the same by the user.
The owner of the site is Mirages S.r.l. Viale Cassiodoro 20, Milan (MI) Italy, VAT number 11464140968 "Mirages s.r.l." or, alternatively, the "owner").

  1. Site activities

The site exhibits, public, promotes, sells and distributes the owner's products ("Products") under the registered trademarks "Mirages s.r.l." and other brands of the owner (jointly, I ("brands of the owner"), registered and not.
Within the site there are multiple features to inform users regarding the products and services on the Site and facilitate the conclusion of orders, such as, for example, the possibility for users of:

  • register on the site, thus activating a personal account to access reserved areas and content;
  • subscribe to mailing list to receive newsletters relating to the products and initiatives of the site;
  • participate in promotional initiatives.

Users are invited to provide true and correct personal data and to update their personal data ("personal data") provided during registration, where no longer current, as to read the privacy policy and the cookie information in relation the processing of personal data and rights recognized to users by the applicable legislation on privacy protection.

  1. Site contents and intellectual properties

The information, the photographic material, the products and in general all the contents of the site or any part of these contents ("Content of the site") are owned by Mirages S.r.l. o of the tendens of Mirages s.r.l .. All the contents of the site are protected from regulations to protect the intellectual property, including, for example, the regulations on copyright, patents, brands or other international laws and treaties concerning property rights intellectual.
It is forbidden to copy, download, distribute, modify, create derivative or extract works, publish or otherwise use or exploit the contents of the site without the prior written consent of the owner or, depending on the case, of another owner of the related rights, when called activities are not expressly allowed by means of notice on the site itself.
The reproduction of the contents of the site for sale, distribution for commercial purposes, insertion or posting on other unauthorized sites, or in any case for professional purposes, is prohibited.
All the brands of the owner, recorded and not, the commercial names, logos and other distinctive signs of the products and services used, displayed and in any case included on the site are exclusive ownership of the owner or subjects connected to it or of the respective licensee or content suppliers.
These terms of use do not give either users, nor to customers who purchase products or services on the site ("customers"), nor to third parties, any right to use the owner's brands; It is also reminded of users, customers and third parties, that the use of these brands for entrepreneurial, commercial or promotional purposes is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of the owner.

  1. Third parties

The site may include, use or view content created by third parties, information obtained from public sources and/or connections to external sites or web pages managed by third parties "third party content". The owner does not exercise any control or monitoring on third party contents and therefore no responsibility is assumed about the accuracy, safety or reliability of third party contents and cannot guarantee, and does not guarantee, that these content of third parties are without viruses or other features capable of damaging the data and/or assets of users.
Mirages S.r.l. Decline all responsibility for users with respect to any loss or damage in which they may incur that they are connected to the use of any content of third parties.
In certain cases the site may include links to third party sites, which are not owned or subject to the management or control of Mirages S.r.l. ("Third party sites"). The relative contents exist from any control by Mirages s.r.l., which therefore declines any responsibility for the correctness, completeness and legitimacy of third party sites. Mirages S.r.l. He declines any responsibility for the contents of the pages of third party sites and for each consequence deriving from the access and navigation of the User in these third party sites.

  1. Guarantees

The owner cannot guarantee in any way that the site, including the related contents of the site, services and functionality, will be without interruptions, which any defect found in the same will be correct or that the use of the site will produce any specific result. The site and the contents of the site are provided in the state in which they are located and to the extent that they are available. In addition to the above, the owner does not recognize any guarantee, expressed or implicit, including any guarantee of accuracy, completeness, non -violation of third party rights, commercial or suitability for a particular purpose.

  1. Use of the site

Users can use the site and contents of the site exclusively for personal purposes, not having commercial purposes and in a way in accordance with the terms of use, as well as to all applicable regulations.
The use of the site cannot in any way involve the establishment of any professional relationship with users, even if these are involved in the publication of reviews, contributions, posts of all kinds, not even by way of agency relationship or editorial collaboration .
The owner reserves the right to interrupt or suspend the access or use of the site by one or more users, even without any notice, where he believes that the terms of use of the site have been violated or if necessary for reasons safety.

  1. Personal account

In the case of creating a personal account on the site ("account"), the user undertakes to provide real and accurate personal information during registration and update them regularly.
The registered user is invited to keep his credentials to access the account appropriately and not to disclose them. The registered user must promptly communicate any unauthorized use of his credentials to access the account for the site.
The registered user is responsible for each activity performed by means of his account and can be called to respond for any damage of any nature resulting from the improper use of his own credentials to access the account or for any abuse of the services provided by Account.

  1. Limitation of liability

The information on the products offered on the Site interspersed with descriptive or promotional purposes.
Despite the commitment to ensure that the information available on the site is accurate and constantly updated, Mirages S.r.l. It does not recognize any guarantee of correctness, completeness, accuracy or topicality of the information on the site, including for example the descriptions of the products, services, prices and/or the indications of availability that are present on the site.
The appearance and colors displayed depend on the user's settings and it is impossible to ensure that the user's device correctly display the colors of the images published on the site.
The site can modify or remove, temporarily or definitively, some of the products and/or services, or modify the prices of these products or services to the public, without providing any notice to users regarding the fulfillment of these changes.
Except for the mandatory limits of the law, Mirages s.r.l. In any case, it will be responsible towards users, customers or against third parties for any damage or loss deriving from the use of the site and/or the contents of the site, including the information contained on the site (and in particular the relative information to products for sale).
With reference to the product purchase procedure, users are invited to view: General Conditions of Sale Mirages S.r.l. declines all responsibility for any direct or indirect damage, regardless of the cause, origin, nature and consequences, including, by way of example, the costs incurred or any other loss of intangible assets deriving from the use of the site or from the impossibility of using it or from the assignment placed in the information, directly or indirectly, available on the site.
Finally, the user agrees to Manlevare and keep Mirages s.r.l. From any legal action, claim, complaint from third parties and connected damage and expenses, including legal, originated by, or connected to, a use in any irregular and/or illegal way of the site and/or the contents of the site, such as below defined, by the user or by subjects subjected to his protection or direction.
These terms of use are subject to copyright rights; Therefore, all reproduction is prohibited, even partial.
Each user you surf the Site ("User") is invited to view the contract before completing a purchase order of products on the "Order" website; The sending of an order implies its acceptance.
Each change to the contract will immediately become effective with the publication on the site and regulate all subsequent orders.