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Gifts for babies and the whole family
Just like a circle of light - the Gens - the enlarged family, tightens around the Baby.


We are parents, grandparents, relatives and friends, all united by Love.

Our bond goes beyond conventions, does not fear distances, nor the passing of time, nor any barrier.

Made in Italy

The people who work with us are our most precious treasure. We value design and artisan know-how, which represent the best of Made in Italy.

Our creations are designed in Milan and are produced by Italian artisans who combine traditional craftsmanship techniques with new cutting-edge technologies.

Our extraordinary yarns, 100% natural and sustainable, combine the characteristics of the fiber of the baby alpaca, anti-allergic and thermoregulating, with the softness of cashmere and the shine of silk.

Proudly knitting a love bond

Match with Dad

When a baby is born, a father is also born.

Regali di famiglia Gensami

Family Gifts

A gift to share emotions with those you love! Matchy - matchy and coordinated knitwear will always remind you of the first moments spent with your loved ones.

Fibre nobili Gensami

Intertwining of Noble Fibers

The cashmere yarn, soft and precious, embraces the shine and the strength of the silk. The fabulous lanolin-free baby alpaca yarn completes the mix for an exclusive result in comfort and wearability.

Dichiarazione d'amore Gensami

A Declaration of Love

Our thinking, intertwined with the fibers of our creations, is dedicated to those who wish to express a feeling of belonging to the Gens - the community united by Love.

The yellow thread

A ray of sunshine illuminates us when we welcome a new life.

The new light draws a circle that embraces all people bonded by Love.

Our Yellow Thread recalls a ray of sunshine, the role that people we love have in our lives.

It is always placed on the left cuff, on the side of the heart.

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