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Valentine's Day gift ideas: the tips for her and for him of gensami

Idee regalo San Valentino per Lui e per Lei

Someone Valentine's Day gift ideas They can help in the right choice and suitable for the expectations of those who receive it. Some items and accessories present in our collections are particularly suitable for Valentine's Day gifts. They will be able to amaze, both for the high quality of the precious unique yarn that characterizes them and by the elements of originality and the profound symbolic value of each element.

Valentine's Day gift ideas: our proposal

The love, with the TO capital, it was a decisive element for the birth of gensami. And our brand continues to feed on this feeling, both with reference to the relationship between partners and to that between parents and children or still between relatives and friends by bringing together everyone in a large and affectionate extended family. Obviously Saint Valentine and the Valentine's day, but Gensami proposes, on this special day but also in general, to constantly celebrate love in its wider meaning by dedicating an exclusive thought to all those who tighten around a baby.

Strait family around the baby

Valentine's Day gift ideas for her

Let's start with some Valentine's Day gift ideas for her, proposing an interesting two -piece set consisting of a UNISEX BYSTER BYSTER BYSTER BYSTER and from a Eastern cashmere hat Baby Alpaca and white silk. Both are unisex caps. Indicated not only to protect themselves from the cold months but also to give a glamorous touch, they are worked on a basket on the cap and end with a coast -covered edge. They are warm and soft at the same time and are ideal both to complete a casual look and to make a declaration of love. Perfect as a gift idea are matchy - matchy thanks to yellow line that unites them.


Also Woman sweaters They can represent a special idea, a warm and precious gift for your beloved. In our collection dedicated to Valentine's Day there is the luxurious two -tone crew Made in Italy, knitted in noble fibers. Characterized by an unprecedented mix of points that work asymmetrically, it is composed of a warm yarn of baby alpaca, cashmere velvety and lucid silk. The three different types of processing give an unprecedented 3D effect that pays homage to Italian Renaissance sculpture.

Miacanto crew in Losanghe Punto Canestro Greige Rosa Cameo

Valentine's Day gift ideas for him

As regards the Valentine's Day gift ideas for him, we thought of a unisex solution, or the Oversize unisex scarf with white or gray fringes. Soft and enveloping, it is made of noble natural yarns such as cashmere, baby alpaca and silk. The particularly accurate and refined processing is marked with a rich plot and long fringes on the sides. Perfect to be softly enveloped around the neck or worn as a shawl. It is a pass - Versatile child, ideal to complete both formal and more casual looks. The inevitable signature, in yellow gensami wire is worked in jacquard.

Oversize unisex scarf with white fringes            Oversize unisex scarf with gray fringes

Always to stay on the subject of scarves and gender-free, here is the Unisex Square Stella she & he. It is an accessory made with our distinctive mix of high quality yarns, namely baby alpaca, silk and cashmere. It has a jacquard reason, which finds inspiration in Dante's memorable verses"The love that moves the sun and the other stars" (Paradise, Divine Comedy). This scarf is also embellished with the yellow line that characterizes the brand, and is noticed by its shine and harmony of natural shades. Perfect to be worn in many ways according to your personal style.

Heaven scarf with gray jacquard star           Unisex Square Stella she & he


And if your Valentino is ... a baby?

If this year the center of your life is a baby who represents the fulcrum of the purest and most unconditional love, then why not choose a garment or accessory to make matches between mom and son or between dad and daughter? In this sense, our two -piece set consisting of one wings scarf with green crystals and from one Greige unisex embroidered wings scarf It is particularly suitable for the matching between mom and son or between grandmother and nephew.

The first is a delicious Women's scarf which has a precious and innovative intertwining of noble yarns, unique in its shape and style. Embellished with a rhinestone star, this original accessory has two functions: protect and complete the looks of everyday. A garment designed for all ages. Enveloping and soft, it is knitted in baby alpaca, silk and cashmere.

Wings scarf with green crystals

The second is one instead very particular men's scarf (but also suitable for females, since it is unisex) knitted, hypoallergenic and natural antibacterial properties. It is a unique and original accessory of its kind, embellished with splendid embroidery that depict the sun and the star. It is also made with fine spinning yarns of baby alpaca, silk and cashmere.

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