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The choice of natural materials for newborn clothing

Abbigliamento neonato sceglierlo partendo dai materiali

Fornewborn clothing It is certainly better to choose shirts and accessories in natural fibers precious. Gensami is particularly attentive to the use of materials: our team of masters, ambassadors of craftsmanship made in Italy, unfortunately unites The fiber of the baby alpaca with silk and cashmere giving life to a single yarn In its kind symbol of excellence, value and refinement.

Single yarn in precious and refined natural fiber

Our processing processes are entirely based on respect for the environment and our animal friends.

Baby Alpaca

Quality, sustainability and style are thus combined to create timeless garments.

Newborn clothing: because natural materials are preferred

The reasons why it is good to choose Baby outfit Products with natural materials are basically two. Let's start from the first, which directly affects the baby: the synthetic and processed materials with chemicals expose more to the risk of skin problems, such as dermatitis. The skin of the little ones is delicate And choosing a 100% Italian brand as gensami means safeguarding not only their well -being but, specifically, their health. Cotton can often also cause unpleasant annoyance to the skin, since it is frequently worked with chemicals and synthetic dyes, responsible for eczema and contact allergies. Wool instead can cause allergies as it contains Lanolina.

Our yarns, completely of natural origin, on the other hand, have several properties that make them extraordinarily suitable for being worn by infants. In particular, they are:

  • Antiallergic and thermoregulants, thanks to the presence of the fiber of the baby alpaca that does not contain Lanolina
  • Very soft, because of the cashmere
  • Characterized by an exceptional shine and resistance, thanks to the silk

 Filates of natural origin suitable for babies

Then there is another reason towards which Gensami is particularly sensitive, or sustainability. Environmental protection is a peculiarity of our philosophy and the values ​​that distinguish us and that we support with great conviction. We do it daily, using for our garments alone Natural textile fibers which come from farms with proven standards on Protection of animal welfare.

 Farms with high standards of animal welfare protection

Unlike what happens with other brands that have delocalized in the East, especially in China, where the rules on the protection of the environment or on the use of chemicals are far from restrictive.

The environmental impact in terms of CO2 emissions and pollution, together with the exploitation of labor, means that the Fast Fashion model is absolutely not to be married on our part. By its nature, it feeds a mentality contrary to the values ​​in which we believe, that is, what is beautiful must first of all be useful and must have an innate symbolic value, as well as material.

Our baby clothes And, in general, all our garments are made according to sustainable processes: We have chosen to produce only in small lots, to minimize the environmental impact. The technology we use allows you to give up the use of chemicals, we also use only certified FSC and GRS certified packaging.
Our enlarged family - there Gens - He also chooses gensami for this reason, because the safeguarding of our planet is important for us, for our children and for all future generations.

Child clothing: the collections of gensami

Our garments are innovative and sustainable, light and enveloping, rich in coordinated details in jacquard and surprising changes of processing. The goal is to create a unique way to express itself.

And the Gens Gens collection is part of the newborn cardigan Two -tone double breast unisex. Very elegant, it combines the precious qualities of natural yarns (cashmere, baby alpaca and silk) with a dynamic and sophisticated style. Each look is made more polite and sought by this elegant cardigan, whose comfort is enhanced by long sleeves with stretch micro-monttes. The buttons signed gensami and the inevitable Yellow line make this timeless garment recognizable.

Double breast of two -tone double breast

Always of the same collection here is the soft two -tone Crochet cardigan, for small princesses from 6 to 36 months. Work in Punto Canestro, it is a class leader, characterized by an unmistakable and very cared for style in every detail. The cuffs, the coast bottom and the closure with the Australian mother of pearl buttons enrich the cardigan with precious details. The quality of the natural fibers, or Cashmere, Baby Alpaca and Silk, makes it perfect both to be worn in the spring and autumn or winter period as a added mesh.

Two -tone Crochet cardigan

Finally, the inevitable the Yellow line, our graphic symbol that represents the ray of sunshine, or the role that the baby plays in our lives and that outlines a circle of light around it that embraces the people who are part of it with its heat.

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