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The yellow line of gensami to tell comfort, ethics and style

Linea gialla di Gensami

The aspect that characterizes the whole universe of the sweaters and accessories of Gens It is the one linked to the concept of "matching" for baby, adults and pets: each component of the The gens, that is, the enlarged family tightened around the baby, is linked by a feeling of love towards the newcomer.

Our collections aspire to harmonize this strong bond with the desire to wear creations that best express the individual personality of each of us.

There summa Of this feeling of love and tenderness is the stylistic symbol that identifies gensami: we are talking about the yellow line. It has a strong symbolic connotation as represents the sun radius, that is, the role that the baby plays in the lives of each family member. A circle of light, which embraces people who are part of it with its heat. In addition to the symbolic meaning, the yellow line also gives a touch of cheerful and surprising style to all the creations of the brand.

Garments and accessories characterized by the presence of the yellow line, they do "matching"Among them also thanks to this particular symbolic and style detail.

The child's child warmers

The Baby warmers It is a very important accessory for the health of our baby, since the neck and area of ​​the throat is one of the most sensitive when the seasons arrive with more rigid temperatures.

The Reversible two -tone warmer In Cashmere Baby Alpaca di Gensami It is double-sided, made only with precious fibers. Very soft, warm and comfortable, it is pleasant to wear and is indicated for baby up to three years. The colors (it is available in three variants) are hot, surrounded by the yellow line, seal of our brand.

Two -tone reversible warming in Cashmere Baby Alpaca       Two -tone reversible warming in Cashmere Baby Alpaca

The baby babbbuces of gensami

The Babbuces baby They are very important during the first months of the baby's life: they protect and pamper them at the same time. All this with an inimitable style. The babbbuces birth with crystals They are made of natural fibers, hypoallergenic and with thermoregulating properties. The yellow line and the crystals decorations depicting the sun and the star give this accessory a touch of inimitable elegance and originality.

Babbuce birth with crystals

The two -tone Santa Santa in Baby Alpaca, Silk and Cashmere With the inevitable yellow line they are characterized by their softness and practicality thanks to a processing processing and edges and coast details.


They are a perfect gift for the newcomer and ideal to be combined with Alpachino hat (you will love his adorable ears worked in inlay), To the delicious and warm muffles as well as toadorable crew And cover.

The baby gensami cardigans

The inevitable yellow line is also the protagonist in newborn cardigan UNisex with a two -tone double breast, stylish, sophisticated and elegant chief at the same time, made with very high quality natural yarns. Perfect for the little ones, both male and females, it is suitable for those looking for a sober but refined look. The yellow line is not the only detail of this cardigan style: the double processing of the basket and coasts must be mentioned as well as the unexpected change of the yarn, for an unprecedented stylistic effect that makes the garments, particularly recognizable.

Double breast of two -tone double breast

A particular touch of elegance is conferred by the buttons in mother of pearls signed gensami.

Always remaining on cardigan, also the proposal two -tone cruchet It deserves, especially to give small princesses from 6 to 36 months a soft, light and unmistakably stylish garment.

It is made with thoroughly chosen fibers, namely cashmere, baby alpaca and silk that enhance the double coastal processing and a basket point. Also note the cuffs, the coast bottom and the closure with the Australian mother of pearl buttons. All elements that enrich the head, making it precious and highly recognizable. Obviously the yellow line is always present and is rigorously positioned on the left cuff, on the side of the heart.

Two -tone Crochet cardigan

The cardigan is ideal to wear during the spring and autumn months, but also winter as an additional mesh.

The newborn cover of gensami

There our newborn cover It is the accessory that perhaps most of all suggests and confers that sense of protection towards the baby. Inside the Gensami collection, the cover is declined in different models, but with a common denominator: all the proposals are ideal both to keep the baby in the heat while it is at home in the cot or in its bed and to protect it during the walks away from home in the wheelchair or in the stroller.

All to be discovered is the our delicious Cover in Losanghe Punto Canestro and coasts, characterized by a rich cashmere plot, baby alpaca and silk. There Fiber of the Baby Alpaca offers thermo -insulating properties, to which the softness and lightness of cashmere and the shine and resistance of silk. A combination that makes this accessory perfect for instilling an unparalleled sense of protection to the baby. The triple inner processing with the three different points (Canestro-Treccia-Losanga) and the handmade remaining by hand, which make it exclusive and unique in its kind, should be mentioned. Like all the garments and accessories of gensami, it also consists of a mix of hypoallergenic fibers that does not contain lanolina.

Cover in Losanghe Punto Canestro and coasts

The other equally elegant and refined model is the Cover alpachino cot and stroller, characterized by the presence of precious materials such as cashmere, baby alpaca and silk worked with inlay with 3D bouclè design by the master craftsmen of gensami. Just like the cover in Losanghe Punto Canestro and Coste, the Alpachino one also guarantees thermal insulation, protection and lightness. Present the inevitable yellow line, stylistic symbol of our brand.

Cover alpachino cot and stroller

To be discovered too The jacquard cover of the collection dedicated to the Supreme Poet Dante Alighieri. The enchanting Sun cover and stars It is special, because it is made with an absolutely unique harmony of processing, yarn and stylistic theme. The soft plaid depicting the sun and the jacquard stars is inspired by Dante's lyrics, while the yellow line embellishes everything on a stylistic level e It symbolizes the central role of the baby in our lives.

Sun cover and jacquard stars

The Wool Wool Hats

THE Wool Wool Hats Of the "La Gens" collection they represent the best choice for all those mothers, aunts or other women of the enlarged family who wish to make a declaration of love to a baby, giving him both to him and to themselves, of the matched hats characterized by the iconic yellow line. An original "matching" through Baby Alpaca, cashmere and silk hats and the newborn cap of the same collection, the gens. An original gift to express a strong sense of belonging and love.

The Wool Man of Gensami caps

Finally, here are i Benretti Wool Man, soft and enveloping. They are immediately recognizable thanks to the emblematic yellow line for the brand. The unisex point of the basket point available in two colors, gray and Tortora, is ideal for protecting itself during the rigid winter months.

His processing is at the point of the canestro on the cap, and ends with a launched border with coasts. Perfect for those who love casual looks.

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