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Newborn gift ideas for Christmas: 5 shopping tips

Idee regalo neonato i consigli di Gensami

newborn gifts

When a new life makes its appearance in our world, parents, relatives and friends are loaded with love, positive energy and warmth at any time of the day. And if the baby is born close to the autumn and winter months, or near some special anniversaries, we start to question the possible newborn gift ideas. Especially when Christmas comes.

Among these, certainly, there are those related to clothing, with garments and accessories characterized by high quality materials, non -allergic and with combinations of warm and natural colors.

What if a strong symbolic meaning also came together with the head of clothing?

It can be done thanks to gensami that offers an unmistakable "matching" style for the entire family.

Here are our 5 proposals of Children's gifts which will satisfy both the functional and aesthetic and emotional aspects:

Newborn hat

To go out to make purchases and commissions together with your baby, a newborn hat It is exactly what you need to keep it repaired by the cold. It must be worn by the little one from the first days of life. The reason is easy to say: the head is very vascularized, and this means that it loses heat in a simple and quick way. With a hat it is possible to make sure that that area (including ears) always remains at the right temperature.

Not any one, however. For example, ours two -tone hat with a basket point It best protects the baby during the cold days, thanks to the use of fine natural yarns in cashmere, baby alpaca and silk, which make the garment warm, soft and enveloping.

Worked with a basket point, on the shell ends with the coast -launched border, and its warm colors are surrounded by a bright yellow, which is the gensami seal. The baby will also not swear: the materials are naturally breathable and highly thermal. Perfect to combine with the reversible warmer and adult hats of the same collection.

One of the truly distinctive and peculiar characteristics of all our garments is that the innovative mix of yarns of gensami does not contain lanolina. It therefore does not create any allergic reaction. Also for this reason, our precious creations are particularly suitable for the clothing of newborns.

An adorable alternative is the Unisex hat with inlay ears. Characterized by nice round ears, this hat is made in natural and precious fibers, and depicts the tender muse of our pet testimonial, namely the alpachino. Transpirable and hypoallergic, it is knitted in the Baby Alpaca, Cashmere and Silk. A nice gift idea, suitable for any type of season.


Covers for children

Even the Baby covers They are a very useful accessory very useful and appreciated by the newborn, especially in the cold months but also in those spring or late summer evenings. They protect the baby from rigid temperatures and can be used at the same time for an improvised nap when you are away from home.

Our Cover in Losanghe Punto Canestro and coasts It is ideal for wrapping the baby in your arms or to pamper it when she sleeps. It is made of cashmere, baby alpaca and silk: this guarantees softness and lightness at the same time. Its processing is in front with three different points (basket-tonging-losangue) and the remaining is handmade.

Particularly sweet but at the same time functional is also the Cover alpachino cot and stroller, worked by the master craftsmen of gensami in front with 3D bouclè. Very soft and elegant, it has very high thermal insulation (like all our garments). It can be placed on a stroller or a cradle.

  cover-to-the-losanghe-and-punto-canestro              Cover alpachino cot and stroller

Baby warmers

Another delicious newborn gift idea It is the warmers. It is a really useful accessory, because it protects a very delicate part of the body, or the neck. Taking cold in that area can lead to the development of inflammation to the pharynx and/or larynx.

A great Baby warmers it's that Reversible two -tone in Cashmere Baby Alpaca of our collection. It is a double-face garment made in precious fibers, namely cashmere, baby alpaca and silk. It is very soft, warm and very comfortable to wear, available in three color variants. At the level of processing, the external one is a basket point, while the internal one in small coasts.

There yellow line, distinctive sign of gensami that It symbolizes the sun radius That is, the role has a child in our lives is rigorously present on the head.

Two -tone reversible warming in Cashmere Baby Alpaca

Babbuces baby

The baby does not wear shoes: comfortable can be used in their place Babbuces baby. The two -tone babo in baby alpaca silk and cashmere of gensami are characterized by a point of point links and embellished with edges and coast details. They have a coast ankle, which gives greater elasticity and are embellished with the inevitable yellow line. We recommend them in combination with the unisex hat with inner ears.


The newborn It is a set of the garments and accessories that we have seen in the previous lines. To them, it is also possible to add other creations, such as the iconic cardigan in triple processing, the nice diaper covers with the crew combined, the delicious muffles or the pretty scarf.

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