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Birth list: small important choices

Idee per lista nascita

There birth list It is a practical way of listing objects and accessories that parents want as a gift for the newcomer. It is a very recurring choice by the new mom and dad, since it is possible to draw directly from it to give gifts. By organizing in this way, on the one hand relatives and friends will have the certainty of not making "unwelcome" gifts, on the other, above all, the danger of giving doppions will be averted. In fact, at birth it is really frequent to receive all the same and accessories of the same size: in a few months, they will simply be advertible.

We at Gensami thought that an in -depth analysis could be useful where we will go to see in detail when and how to create the birth list, and above all what to insert inside to create a newborn functional and stylish.

What to put on the birth list

Before entering in detail of What to put on the birth list, it is good to specify when it must be drawn up. Our advice is to iron it in the seventh month of about pregnancy. Thus, family members and friends will be able to organize themselves in complete tranquility for the choice of the gift. Having said that, obviously there are many valid products to give to the baby.

Gensami offers numerous and versatile gift ideas for infants but also for all people who tighten around them: parents, grandparents, friends and, in general, all those who are joined by love for the baby, regardless of blood ties O social conventions, simply by choice.

We propose an innovative concept of precious knitwear that is expressed through clothes combined for baby, adults and pet.

For a Winter newborn kit Soft, cuddly, thermoregulating, anti -anti -row, breathable but also stylish there are different interesting solutions.

Baby covers: ideal both at home and outside

The newborn covers They are an ideal gift for the baby just arrived in the family. They are perfect both to keep the baby in the heat while in the culla or in its bed and to protect it outside the house in the stroller. Our Cover in Losanghe Punto Canestro and coasts It is characterized by a rich cashmere plot, baby alpaca and silk. The thermal insulating qualities of the fiber of the baby alpaca, combined with the softness and lightness of cashmere and shine and resistance of the silk, make it perfect for instilling a sense of protection to the baby. The triple processing with three different points (canestro-reccia-losanga) and the handmade remaining make the cover exclusive and unique in its kind. It should be noted that, like all the garments and accessories of gensami, it also consists of a mix of hypoallergenic fibers that does not contain lanolina.


Very elegant and sought after it is also the Cover alpachino cot and stroller, composed of precious materials such as cashmere, baby alpaca and silk and worked in inlay with 3D bouclè design by the master craftsmen of gensami. The characteristics are the same as the cover in Losanghe Punto Canestro and Coste: thermal insulation, protection and lightness. With that more stylish quid given by the inevitable presence of the yellow line, graphic symbol of our brand.

Cover alpachino cot and stroller

Last But Not Least, the Sun cover and jacquard stars It is made with a processing concert, yarn and stylistic theme that makes it very special. Inspired by the Dante lyrics, the soft plaid depicts the sun and the stars in jacquard. It is also embellished with the yellow line, which symbolizes the role of the baby in our lives. A ray of sunshine that radiates us with love.

Sun cover and jacquard stars

Baby hats: to protect it from the cold

THE newborn hats They are a perfect accessory to protect the baby from the rigid temperatures of the winter months. This without giving up the style of course. Gensami proposes in particular a two -tone hat with a basket point, produced with precious natural in cashmere yarns, baby alpaca and silk.

Two -tone hat with a basket point

Soft, warm and enveloping, as well as the Unisex hat with inlay earsHis nice round ears are the distinctive trait of this cap, which depicts the funny muzzle of the alpachino, pet symbol of gensami. Knitted in the Baby Alpaca, Cashmere and Silk, it is also characterized by its breathability and antibacterial properties. The picture completes the coast finish (for greater elasticity), the inlays with 3D bouclè and the absence of seams.

Unisex hat with inlay ears

Newborn socks: the Santa Santa are an excellent alternative

In the newborn The Santa. They are not real newborn socks, but ideal fabric shoes to keep your feet warm. Our two -tone babo in baby alpaca silk and cashmere they are characterized by a point of point motifs, ribbed edges and are embellished with our yellow line which symbolizes the sun radius or the role that the baby has in our lives.

Two -tone babo in baby alpaca silk and cashmere

A perfect gift for the newcomer, especially if combined inside the adorable Set My Little Alpachino cover and Santa​. Also to add the inevitable Alpachino hat, The crew and the muffles of the same collection.

Set My Little Alpachino cover and Santa

Newborn crew: a comfortable and elegant accessory

An additional and inevitable accessory to complete the payment is the crew. The our Alpachino model It is comfortable and elegant at the same time, characterized by an innovative blend of yarns in the Baby Alpaca Cashmere and Silk. These elements guarantee softness, thermo -insulating quality and lightness to the indossible.

Alpachine crew in inlay

Perfect to be combined with the adult cardigan of the Paradiso Collection Fall Winter 2022, which draws inspiration from the lyrics of the Summo Poeta thelove that moves the sun and the other stars (Paradiso, XXXIII, v. 145).

Covers and baby muffles cover to complete the train

The diaper covers and the muffles They are two very useful and elegant complementary elements at the same time. Our Covers inland alpachino diaper In Baby Alpaca and Cashmere it is a culotte for babies with inner design. Fun and original, it is soft, anatomical and totally made in natural and precious fibers.

Alpachino diaper covers with inlay in Baby Alpaca and cashmire

Perfect to be combined with The two -tone muffles in Baby Alpaca and Cashmere. The gensami muffles protect the hands of the baby, limiting the scratches that arose from the uncontrolled reflections typical of tender age. Very soft and completely hypoallergenic.

Two -tone muffole in baby alpaca and cashmere

Each article in our collection is sent to an elegant gift box designed and produced in a sustainable way. Symbol of refinement and refinement, also characterized by the inevitable and distinctive yellow line of gensami.

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