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Cashmere sweaters, baby alpaca and silk: a gift of love

I maglioni cashmere, baby alpaca e seta di Gensami

The sweaters made with precious materials such as Baby Alpaca, Cashmere and Silk They are ideal for facing temperatures in the strictest months or to be worn during the classic white week. Being also characterized by thermo -insulating quality, it is possible to use them even during the summer and in general when it is hot.

The our innovative mix of yarns It combines the characteristics of the fiber of the baby alpaca, antiallergic and thermoregulating, with the softness of the cashmere and the shine of the silk. The result is unique: timeless garments, light and enveloping.

That's why choose the Cashmere sweaters, Baby Alpaca and Silk And the differences between these highly -made fibers.

Cashmere sweaters: they are soft and with high thermal performance

Let's start from cashmere, soft and versatile material, which protects the body both from low and high temperatures (thanks to its thermoregulation capacity). It is a textile fiber obtained from the hair of the hircus goat, the domestic goat bred in Iran, Mongolia, Tibet and also in the Kashmir area, from which it takes its name.

Due to the cold and the pungent heat of these regions, the goat has had to adapt to very extreme temperatures: its body is covered with a rough and rough surface layer (the giarre) and by a dense and soft insulating undercoat (the duvet ). And it is precisely from the latter, characterized by thermoregulatory properties, that cashmere is produced. The high cost of this material depends on the fact that only 2 hectors of hair are collected on a single goat.

At the level of characteristics, the cashmere is very soft, it can be worn both in winter and in summer, absorbs humidity and sweat and, finally, does not attract dust or electromagnetic fields. THE Cashmere Men's sweaters and i Cashmere woman sweaters Made by the master craftsmen of Gensami have all these characteristics. In addition, the knitted artisanal processes raise the highest quality of the yarns even more, as in the case of Miacanto point canestro and coste turtleard For him and the Miacanto crew in Losanghe Punto Canestro Greige Rosa Cameo for her.

Alpaca wool sweaters: the most shiny and lighter

Also Alpaca wool sweaters They are renowned for their softness and because of the thermo -insulating qualities they enjoy. Even better are those made in Baby Alpaca fiber, or the wool that is obtained from the puppy in the weaning period and the first year of life. It is the most valuable yarn, due to its shine and lightness But also for the fact that it is hypoallergenic, warm and not pinch.

Baby Alpaca Cashmere Silk

The alpaca shearing process is essential for Ensure animal welfare And it is done using traditional methods aimed not to harm our little friends in any way. The Alpacas, in fact, do not naturally lose their fleece which, being endowed with innate and extraordinary thermal characteristics, would cause excessive overheating, especially in summer. For this reason, it is essential that the Alpacas are regularly tosted at least once a year, an operation that is usually accomplished in the spring, right before arrival of the hottest season.

The moment of the shearing is indispensable to constantly safeguard the well -being of the alpaca And to keep them in excellent condition because it allows, in addition, to monitor their health more accurately. Any physical problems can in fact be identified only without the thick layer of fleece that covers them.

All our sweaters are made with a Innovative mix of yarns in Baby Alpaca, Cashmere and Silk. A avant -garde processing, which guarantees softness, thermo -insulating quality and lightness, while leaving the skin to breathe.

Sweater in Baby Alpaca and Cashmere

In our garments and accessories there is also silk

We cannot forget the silk, protein fiber present in our sweaters but also in the other accessories of the Gensami catalog. It derives from the solidified slime of a lepidoptera, the Bombix Mori (which became famous as a "silkworm"). The rough fiber, seen under the microscope, has a slightly flattened cylindrical appearance. It is not homogeneous and has traits in which the diameter is greater and in others it is less. This is due to the fact that Sericin is not distributed homogeneously.

One of the main characteristics of the silk is that reflects light like few other materials in the world. It absorbs tinctures easy: in this way it offers a great wealth of nuances. The sweaters made with these materials are also very elastic and resistant, but also extremely soft. So much so that they allow a perfect fall of the edges and an easy draper.

Cashmere sweaters, baby alpaca and silk are also perfect for baby

Our single yarn is absolutely indicated for the whole family. Also and above all for the little ones, who will be protected from temperature changes and at the same time they will feel really comfortable in theirs Cashmere sweaters, baby alpaca and silk.

Our Alpachine crew in inlay It is a perfect example: the innovative blend of yarns in Baby Alpaca, cashmere and silk guarantees softness, thermo -insulating quality and lightness. And let the skin breathe. It is a unisex garment, comfortable and elegant at the same time, ideal to combine with the adult cardigans of the Paradiso Collection Fall Winter 2022 , which draws inspiration from the lyrics of the Summo Poeta thelove that moves the sun and the other stars (Paradiso, XXXIII, v. 145).

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