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GENSAMI: the brand for the whole family who wants to bring Italy's values ​​into the world

Gensami: il brand per tutta la famiglia che vuole portare i valori dell’Italia nel mondo

"The idea was born four and a half years ago, when I was pregnant and I realized that it was missing on the market, at every level of positioning, brands that offered a high quality product with a strong symbolic meaning. We have worked for more than three years at the design; In this sense, the pandemic has given us the opportunity to focus on the product and details, "he Miruna Gheordunanscu, CEO and Co-Founder of the brand together with her husband Andre Costache. “We are Romanians but we have lived for many years in Italy, because we have fallen in love with this country and its values, especially those related to the family. The name Gensami derives from the Latin word gens, which means people but in ancient Rome he identified communities with common interests, and from the verb to love: therefore, the family you love, and not only that of blood, but an extended family, which It includes all affections, also pets. "


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