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Love craftsmen: Made in Italy clothing born from the heart

Abbigliamento made in Italy 100% Artigianale Gensami

«The love that moves the sun and the other stars»It is the verse with which the divine comedy, Dante's masterpiece ends. With this exciting ending the high poet offers a starting point:Love understood as the engine that moves everything. That love moved by the heart that characterizes our ideas and processing processes ofMade in Italy clothing of gensami.

A feeling that can be manifested in different forms, but what greater love than that of forming a family? When a baby is born, which is nothing more than the fruit of love between two people, it is as if a ray of sunshine illuminated and wrapped parents, grandparents, relatives and friends: the Gens, or the extended family that finds themselves around the newcomer.

Made in Italy clothing inspired by Dante's verses and symbols

And it is always from the heart that the brand is born Gens, brand of Made in Italy artisan knitwear that pays homage to the love ties of an enlarged family. Already from the name Gensami, inspired by the Latin "Gens" - a group of people who recognize a common origin, and by the verb "Ami" - we can guess our vocation that sees in the values ​​of love, in fact, and of the opening, Of the sharing, inclusion and authenticity, the cornerstones thanks to which combined and coordinated garments are born, but never the same, for baby, adults and pet.

Strictly Made in Italy clothing: our collections, which are inspired by Italian art and culture, are designed in Milan and made in the Marche region, by master craftsmen who use cutting -edge techniques for timeless garments. The FW22 collection, Paradiso, recalls Dante's verses and symbols while the Carryover collection La Gens is inspired by the charm of the Renaissance works.

Right from the start, our choice was that of Reject Fast-Fashion: sustainability for us has a very important role, both in its purely ecological dimension, and in that linked to individual and collective well -being. We do not use chemicals and we only use FSC and GRS certified packaging.

Thus were born light but enveloping creations, full of coordinated details in jacquard and surprising changes of processing. They can be worn at any time, both in the most important anniversaries as well as in everyday life but, above all, they can be worn by anyone. In fact, the members of the gens are people of all ages, with different ethnic origins and an open and plural world view, with a common denominator: love for the baby.

And it is natural, in this sense, that diversity and inclusion are two fundamental elements, because it is they make us unique and special. This is reflected in the productions of gensami: come on Woman sweaters to the Pullover man, up to the newborn cardigan, just to name a few. All available in our shop of Online sale of artisanal knitwear, designed and created for Enhance all kinds of beauty, which thanks to their fit adapt to different shapes and bodies.

The "yellow thread" of gensami that unites the whole family

The concept is that of matching for the family: they take shape combined and coordinated garments for all members of the Gens, the community that tightens around the magnificent moment of a birth. The love for the new life binds us and envelops us like a ray of sunshine. And this is precisely the meaning of the "yellow thread», Real symbol of the garments, worked in extraordinary fine yarns, made according to sustainable processes. The characteristics of the Baby Alpaca fiber, antiallergic and thermoregulating, are combined with softness of the cashmere and to the shine of silk, in a unique and innovative mix signed gensami.

A mother can thus wear her wings scarf, whose processing recalls that of the sweater of her baby, a family friend has the opportunity to give a cover for the newcomer and to herself one of our numerous accessories, with embroidery of some of the verses of the same poem. A grandfather, on the other hand, can celebrate the first birthday of his granddaughter showing off a knitted cardigan shaved with soft colors. Not only newborn gift ideas, but gifts for the whole family.

It is love, with a capital "A", which moves the whole universe of gensami. And we could not be happier and proud of it: "Proudly Knitting in Love Bond».

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