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Our collections pay homage to Italian art and culture, as an expression of values ​​and beauty.

The lyrics of the high poet inspire our FW22/23 collection, through an unprecedented intertwining of verses and graphic elements in jacquard.

"The love that moves the sun and the other stars" - (Paradiso, XXXIII, V.145, Divine Comedy, Dante Alighieri)

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Love is the mechanism that moves the world and life.

With "L'amor that moves the sun and the other stars", Dante contains the meaning of the entire work and that is the fact that it is love The engine behind our world.

Gensami, like a love poem, through Evergreen caps and expresses the values ​​of the extended family, inclusion and diversity.

Our unpublished mix of fiber, natural and sustainable,

They combine the qualities of the Baby Alpaca, anti -anti -aging and thermoregulating, with the softness of the cashmere and the shine of the silk.