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The thin yellow line

La Sottile Linea Gialla

Gens, Made in Italy precious knitwear brand, debuts with its first spring-summer 2023 collection. "The goal is to create combined, coordinated, but never the same, for baby and adults, to express a love bond ", says Gheordunescu. "The concept of universal love is a key point of the brand. The name Gensami, in fact, derives from the Latin gens, which means people - but in ancient Rome he identified communities with shared interests - and by the verb to love. The family you love , in a broader sense ".

And the meaning of the yellow profile, always present in the garments?

"It is the sun's radius: the dear people of our lives. A luminous detail that we always find on the left, where there is the vein that leads to the heart".

What fabrics and what colors have you chosen for the collection?

"A blend of materials, strictly natural and noble. Linen, cotton and silk to create light garments such as feathers that play on intertwining and regular crossies, mixing points and yarns. The palette is neutral, inspired by the colors of the earth and the summer. Our yarns are one hundred percent sustainable. The synthetic and processed materials with chemicals expose the delicate skin of children to greater risk of problems, therefore we do not use it ".

Do you have a daughter, how much she thinks and her experience as a mother when she proposes a new boss?

"Always. The muse of Gensami is my daughter Carolina. When she was born, with my husband, we realized that brands were missing on the market that offered garments with a strong symbolic and emotional meaning, that they put the quality of the quality at the center of their production Materials and therefore the health of the baby. When a new boss is born, I always wonder: 'I would make him wear Carolina, the most precious person of my life?'. If the answer is yes, it means that I did my job well " .

Find us in the semester n.4 Elle Kids Italia (April 2023)

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