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Corriere della Sera: "GENSAMI: the brand that celebrates bonds" with a ray of sunshine "

Interview of Miruna Gheordunescu CEO Gensami in Corriere della sera

"Miruna Gheordunescu, entrepreneur of Romanian origin with Italian citizenship, launches the first collection of the brand:" He is inspired by my daughter Carolina, who is 3 and a half years old, who has been an inexhaustible source of energy and ideas "he says

Miruna Gheordunanscu, entrepreneur of Romanian origin with Italian citizenship, who lives and operates in Milan together with her family, is a business woman with vision and elegance. In the midst of Pandemia Covid, in November 2021, together with André, his partner in business and in the 25-year-old life-from, he founded Gensami, an innovative brand of fine knitwear made in Italy that offers an innovative concept of coordinated clothing for baby , adults and pets.

What is the brand's DNA?
«Gensami is a project that I have always had within me. He is inspired by our daughter Carolina, who is 3 and a half years old, who has been an inexhaustible source of energy and idea. During the Lockdown André and I worked on products, fabrics and models: two years of incredible jobs on the product. Gensami is strong to be a pre -ahead knitwear brand for the extended family. We propose creations dedicated to those who want to express a bond of love, of affection, friendship, blood and non -blood. We do it with garments and accessories coordinated from each other but never the same, we do not have a "mini-me" style. The pieces are linked by a yellow line on the knitwear, which has a symbolic meaning, is a ray of sunshine, that is, the role that loved people play in our lives ».

What do today's fashion mothers ask for the little ones?
«They ask for comfort for their children and sustainable fibers and materials that can do well to the baby without damaging the surrounding world. And we are very careful to this ».

What does gensami mean?
«It derives from gens (the root of" people "), all the communities that had common interests. We are the brand of the communities that have love in common, precisely gensami ".

The first collection is divided into parts: the La Gens collection (it is characterized by its light garments such as feathers and unpublished intertwining of stroke points contrasting processing), the Alpachino collection (dedicated to the baby, has a small testimonial and Amabassador as a testimonial Alpaca that "is an animal that loves the company") and the Paradiso collection - the real Fall Winter - which presents the best known verses of Dante as inspiration, with stars and jacquard motifs that decorate delicious models, recalling "love that Move the sun and the other stars »of the Divine Comedy. "

Article taken from Corriere della Sera: 

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