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Gifts for babies and the whole family

Matchy - matchy sweaters and accessories for babies, adults and pets

in a game of references and harmonious stylistic combinations.

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In the carry over collection, “La Gens” the tribute is to sculpture. Thanks to bold workmanship, we give the garment three-dimensionality, recalling the charm of Renaissance works.

The Yellow Thread recalls a ray of sunshine, the role that people we love have in our lives.

The new light draws a circle that embraces all people united by this bond of Love.

Highly recognizable garments

thanks to the use of an unprecedented mix of stitches that work asymmetrically with each other.

We produce in small batches, to minimize the environmental impact.

We only use noble natural fibers that come from farms with proven standards in terms of animal welfare protection.

Our technology allows us not to use chemicals.

We only use FSC and GRS certified packaging.

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