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Effe Magazine: A success story

Effe Magazine: Storie di successo

Thank you Effe Magazine! They come from far away but have deep roots in our country: here they have transformed an idea into a company. 7 years after the fall of the communist regime in Romania, my parents took me on a trip to Italy. We toured it from north to south and we were hosted often by friends and relatives. The hospitality, the warmth of the Italian people, the splendor of the cities bewitched me. I promised myself that one day I would become an Italian citizen. How did you make that childhood dream come true? After finishing high school in Bucharest, I received a scholarship to the prestigious University Luigi Bocconi where I graduated in Economics of Art and Fashion and I specialized in Marketing. For years I worked in a public relations agency but my passion has always been fashion. My dream was to build an innovative brand that would value the “Made in Italy”. In November 2021, although the pandemic was not yet a closed topic, together with André, my partner in business and in life, I created a fine knitwear brand that showcases coordinated clothing for the extended family: babies, adults and pets. We called it Gensami. Why Gensami? It comes from the union of the Latin word gens (community of families) and love (It. amore). The inspiration came from my parents. I don't remember parties, evening outings, or Holidays where they didn't coordinate in choosing their outfit. They were never the same but they were always matchy-matchy and had certain details in common. A harmonious way of dressing, a Love declaration that I carried over to our collections through our Yellow Thread - that symbolises a ray of sunshine, the role that people we Love have in our lives.

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